Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graduate and get paid to play video games!

Apply for a job as a video game tester part-time while waiting for school to begin!
Apply for a job as a video game tester part-time while waiting for school to begin! reiterates that

YES! You can get paid to play games for a living.

As graduation comes around the corner for millions of students in both high school and college, students are aspiring to become video game testers and video game programmers.

Even for the students who aren't that interested in beta testing and video game testing for a living can still take advantage of what a video game testing job could offer. They just have to be able to handle the obvious new schedule of schooling while having fun playing video games and getting paid for it.

For example, if a graduating student is seeking a job after graduation and loves to play video games, why not try to do some video game testing for XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, or Sony PS3 while they are on break? They could work a part time job as a game tester while splitting the rent with a roommate since video game tester salary levels normally start off with enough to support yourself (based upon how much you test too!). If the student is going for a degree in the video gaming field, then it would be great to add this video gaming experience to their resume to post out to potential employers or maybe even internships.

What are a few things a student who's looking for a job in the video game industry for testing expect?

  • Job placement through a possible temp agency as a playtester for quality assurance in a video game company
  • Career paths given to students for video gaming through college programs and institutions
  • Relaxed dressing for an interview with a gaming company is welcomed
  • Creativity in playing video games, a love for solving video game problems and finding new ways to push the envelope on game playing
  • Be prepared to be assigned to specific levels in games and to play games that you may not like!

Think about some of these things before entering the exciting world of video game testing. There are lot more things to consider for playing video games and getting paid for it. I believe that if you are truly passionate about it, it will be more fun than work, even if that means you're jumping all the way through a level just to be jumping through it. BE CREATIVE!

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